Who hardens the heart?

Timeless truths about God hardening hearts. The context of Romans 9-11 is Paul’s presentation of the Gospel to the church in Rome. He clarifies that God has not broken His covenant with Israel. Our section today brings us to another challenging passage. Does God harden the hearts of people? Paul states that God is just … Continue reading Who hardens the heart?

Timeless principles for life, 1

Timeless truths about principles. Someone said, “Methods are many, principles are few. Methods always change, principles never do.” In our fast paced,changing times, we need to embrace some timeless principles for life. I want to share one with you today. Everything in life flows from a right relationship with God. If my relationship with the … Continue reading Timeless principles for life, 1

Forgiving & Forgetting??

Timeless truths on forgiveness and forgetting. Joseph forgave his brothers after they sold him into slavery. Chuck Lynch in his excellent book, I should forgive, But… cites a number of great common excuses for not forgiving. Let’s examine this one: “I should forgive, but I can’t forget.” Unfortunately, some religious person without much knowledge of … Continue reading Forgiving & Forgetting??