Keys to health, part 1

What key ingredients make for a healthy life? What about a healthy church? I’ve read a lot of books on personal and corporate health! Individual health determines organizational health. As pragmatic Americans we think the church can be FIXED with capitalistic ideas! So, today’s church operates like corporate America. That doesn’t work. More importantly, it … Continue reading Keys to health, part 1

Recapturing a healthy Fear of God

In a recent message on the three attitudes that set the early church apart, I talked about  recapturing a biblical "fear" of God. I normally don't share long quotes in a message. However, this one is so powerful, I used it. It is from an article in Light Magazine by John Franklin. I came across this … Continue reading Recapturing a healthy Fear of God

Wanted: WISDOM

Timeless truths from Proverbs 1:2-7. How does a person develop wisdom, discernment, and understanding? Where do these qualities originate? You don’t gain them in school because they can’t be taught from a textbook. You aren’t born with them! So, how do you develop them? They are born in a heart that bows in humility before … Continue reading Wanted: WISDOM