Relationship in religion.

Timeless truths about religion. Religion is a set structure of beliefs. While Christianity has a set structure of beliefs, it is primarily a relationship with Jesus Christ. However, every relationship is defined by boundaries. The boundaries that Jesus has established for a personal relationship with Him is established in the Bible. So, we cannot separate … Continue reading Relationship in religion.

Religion that has value

Timeless truths about religion. Today is Sunday. Of those who go to church, probably most would consider themselves religious based on the fact that they are attending church. The Bible defines what it means to be “religious.” According to the Biblical definition, there may be people who attend church whose religion is worthless. So, how … Continue reading Religion that has value


Timeless truths from Philippians 3:3-7. Do you have a rich religious heritage? Maybe your family built a church… generational pastors…. generational deacons…. charter members? All of us bring something to the table. Some bring far more than others. But how do you evaluate all the religious training & pedigree? The preeminent Apostle Paul evaluated what … Continue reading Assessment