Sensationalism sells

Timeless truths about eclipses. Much was made about the eclipse. That is understandable. However, some made much of the “theological” implications of the eclipse. Here is the truth: We are so egocentric in America that we think prophecy revolves around what happens here! It doesn’t. Prophecy is centered on Israel. Certainly we see some world-wide … Continue reading Sensationalism sells

Proofs of His deity

Timeless truths from John 19:33-37. This passage presents two very powerful proofs of the deity of Christ. First, the testimony of prophecy and second, the testimony of eyewitness. Written over five hundred years before the birth of Jesus, the Psalmist wrote in 34:20 that not one of His bones would be broken. Furthermore, over 1,000 … Continue reading Proofs of His deity