Timeless truths about predestination. Often Romans 9-11 are used as a basis for predestination and in particular Calvinism, named after John Calvin (one of the leaders of the Protestant Reformation.) However, in the heart of these chapters we read, “Whoever believes…Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.” In the context … Continue reading Predestination?

Who hardens the heart?

Timeless truths about God hardening hearts. The context of Romans 9-11 is Paul’s presentation of the Gospel to the church in Rome. He clarifies that God has not broken His covenant with Israel. Our section today brings us to another challenging passage. Does God harden the hearts of people? Paul states that God is just … Continue reading Who hardens the heart?


Timeless truths about election. Does God predestine some for salvation and others for condemnation? Romans 9-11 are three chapters that deal with God’s covenant with Israel. God chose Israel. Now that the church has been established, Paul states the obvious question: Has God turned away from His covenant with Israel? The answer is NO. Paul … Continue reading Election/Predestination