Opposites Complement vs Compete

Opposites attract. My wife and I are totally opposite. She’s detailed oriented, private, and introverted. I’m not too detailed oriented, find myself sharing TOO much information, and really enjoy social interaction. Our differences are rather strong but we complement one another very well. Peter and John went to the Temple together to pray, Acts 3:1. … Continue reading Opposites Complement vs Compete

Keys to health, Part 3 of 3

The characteristic we see present in the early church is humility. This is dismissed by people in the church. Largely, because like so many other biblical concepts, it is twisted and misrepresented. Humility is the key ingredient for a healthy life and church!  However, it is not only the missing characteristic, it is rejected by … Continue reading Keys to health, Part 3 of 3

Keys to Health, Part 2 of 3

Part 2 Joy is the second attitude we see in Acts 2:46 that fostered health in the early church. The word in the verse is translated “gladness” as well as “joy.” Many people are thirsty for happiness. Next to health, happiness is the most sought after experience. However, when we seek happiness by leaning the … Continue reading Keys to Health, Part 2 of 3

Keys to health, part 1

What key ingredients make for a healthy life? What about a healthy church? I’ve read a lot of books on personal and corporate health! Individual health determines organizational health. As pragmatic Americans we think the church can be FIXED with capitalistic ideas! So, today’s church operates like corporate America. That doesn’t work. More importantly, it … Continue reading Keys to health, part 1

The basis for Forgiveness – JUSTICE!!!

Have you found that you continue to repeat the same sin even after “confessing” it to God? Why is that? Maybe because of your view of the basis of God’s forgiveness. You see, the popular thought is that God’s forgiveness is based on His mercy. Thinking that way will allow you to continue in your … Continue reading The basis for Forgiveness – JUSTICE!!!