Religion that has value

Timeless truths about religion. Today is Sunday. Of those who go to church, probably most would consider themselves religious based on the fact that they are attending church. The Bible defines what it means to be “religious.” According to the Biblical definition, there may be people who attend church whose religion is worthless. So, how … Continue reading Religion that has value

The antidote for Anger

Timeless truths about anger. Normally, we become angry because our expectations are not fulfilled. Whatever the reason for your anger, one thing is absolutely certain, it does not “achieve the righteousness of God.” The “anger of man” is the opposite of the “righteousness of God.” Did Jesus become angry? Yes! The Bible tells us to … Continue reading The antidote for Anger

SBC in decline… my thoughts

After reading this insightful article by Dr. Chuck Kelley, President of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, I feel a tremendous pause in my spirit. Basically, the data from the "ACP" (annual church profile) tells a very bleak story. As Dr Kelly puts it, Southern Baptist are in decline. The statistics are at this link from … Continue reading SBC in decline… my thoughts