Busting through Roadblocks in prayer

Click HERE to watch this message. Core Values: Prayer Breaking through the Roadblocks I have found these five roadblocks to prayer true in my own life. Let’s journey together through them and seek to breakthrough each roadblock. The top five prayer busters and the antidotes. Lawlessness – Antidote, Love. Fatalistic – Antidote, Faith. Distractions – … Continue reading Busting through Roadblocks in prayer

The Good Samaritan

Core Value: Love: Loving my Neighbor; Luke 10:25-37 The Second greatest commandment in the bible is to love your neighbor as yourself. The attorney asked the wrong question. He watned to restrict this by asking “Who is my neighbor?” TW Manson correctly observed the error of the attorney’s question: “The question is unanswerable, and ought not be … Continue reading The Good Samaritan