The basis for Forgiveness – JUSTICE!!!

Have you found that you continue to repeat the same sin even after “confessing” it to God? Why is that? Maybe because of your view of the basis of God’s forgiveness. You see, the popular thought is that God’s forgiveness is based on His mercy. Thinking that way will allow you to continue in your … Continue reading The basis for Forgiveness – JUSTICE!!!

Casting Lots?

What is “casting lots” and should we practice it today to discern God’s will? In Acts 1, Judas’ replacement was determined by certain criteria. Only two men qualified. So they cast lots to determine who should take Judas’ place. Remember that Acts is a transitional book. In chapter 1, the Holy Spirit has not yet … Continue reading Casting Lots?

The Kingdom of God

Have you ever wondered about the topic of conversation between Jesus and the disciples during the 40 days before His ascension? He discussed “things concerning the Kingdom of God.” The first petition in the Model Prayer is, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” The Kingdom of God refers … Continue reading The Kingdom of God

The Resurrection

The keystone of Christianity is the resurrection of Jesus Christ! Christianity, the New Testament, and all the claims of Jesus Christ crumbles without the resurrection. Followers of Christ are hopeless and deceived if the resurrection of Christ did not happen. Based on the essential nature of Christ’s resurrection, how do we know for certain it … Continue reading The Resurrection