SBC in decline… my thoughts

After reading this insightful article by Dr. Chuck Kelley, President of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, I feel a tremendous pause in my spirit. Basically, the data from the "ACP" (annual church profile) tells a very bleak story. As Dr Kelly puts it, Southern Baptist are in decline. The statistics are at this link from … Continue reading SBC in decline… my thoughts

23 Easters left?

Please read carefully Stetzer's article in the Washington Post entitled, If it doesn’t stem its decline, mainline Protestantism has just 23 Easters left. I am grateful that at Wynnbrook Baptist (where I serve the Lord as pastor) our first of five core values is "The Bible." We believe the Bible to be the inspired, immutable, and … Continue reading 23 Easters left?

Why are 17 SBC churches dying every week?

I was shocked to recently learn that every week 17 Southern Baptist churches close their doors for good. That means they die. Some have been dead a long time and simply made it official. Others deny the reality until there is no pulse. There are many factors involved but I believe Thom Rainer touches on … Continue reading Why are 17 SBC churches dying every week?