Wherever you are in the journey of life, remember that God always holds the upper hand. God can veto any decision of any person! He can change a situation in a nanosecond – with no consultation! He is not confined or constricted except by His own character.

Do you feel that PEOPLE have an upper hand on your life? Maybe you feel hindered, overlooked, stifled, boxed in. Surely Peter and John could have felt that way. They were used by God to heal a man lame from birth followed by the salvation of FIVE thousand men. However, they were arrested! Put in jail and then brought out before people in POWER.

Didn’t Peter and John realize that people had the upper hand. I mean when you are arrested for doing what is right (I have no experience here, ha) how can God have the upper hand?! People in power decide when and where you’ll be released.  You are powerless. Yet, perception isn’t reality. How many Christ-followers have allowed the world’s thinking to change their perception of reality?!

Peter and John could have become cynical! “We are being greatly used by God only to have the ‘powerful’ run a roadblock!” However, these two guys sat in jail with the clear understanding that people didn’t have the upper hand – God did.

Why would He allow Peter and John to be arrested? Why would He allow YOU to be arrested (I speak symbolically)? Maybe a more important question is this: Does the “play” of man throw you off? How can you sit confined in jail thinking that God has the upper hand? This taps into the foundation of your belief. Do you believe God is big enough, powerful enough, wise enough, to have the upper hand? Will you live each day with that confidence in spite of your current “confinement”?


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