Opposites Complement vs Compete

Opposites attract. My wife and I are totally opposite. She’s detailed oriented, private, and introverted. I’m not too detailed oriented, find myself sharing TOO much information, and really enjoy social interaction. Our differences are rather strong but we complement one another very well.

Peter and John went to the Temple together to pray, Acts 3:1. These guys were totally opposite; here’s a few of their differences: rash – reflective; old – young; bold – timid; doer – dreamer. These differences could have created a clash but it didn’t because of their common purpose – to fulfill Christ’s mission.

Look around. Most people are not like you! However, when we unite behind the same purpose, these differences have tremendous potential to complement and complete the fulfillment of our mission.

Here are a few practical suggestions for getting along with those who are different from you: Recognize the value their differences bring to the table. Be thankful that not everyone is like you. Try to understand their perspective more than you focus on being heard. Prioritize the purpose, the pursuit you share in common. Notice that Peter and John were going to pray together. Nothing brings opposites together in unity like prayer. If you can’t pray with them, pray for them.

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