Recapturing a healthy Fear of God

In a recent message on the three attitudes that set the early church apart, I talked about  recapturing a biblical “fear” of God. I normally don’t share long quotes in a message. However, this one is so powerful, I used it. It is from an article in Light Magazine by John Franklin. I came across this quote in Joel Horne’s excellent book, “The Impact of Fearing God.” I deeply appreciate Joel Horne and his ministry. Here is the quote:

“The antidote (to the infectious spread of evil in our world) is recapturing the proper fear of God. In a nutshell, my logic is: Whenever the fear of God is lost, you can be sure the greatness of God has been lost. And whenever man loses the greatness of God, he unfortunately finds the greatness of man.

The more man finds his own greatness, the less he acknowledges God, until God finally becomes despised or is lost to his consciousness. Once respect or God-consciousness is lost man becomes ultimate.

When man becomes ultimate, he loses any sense of accountability or ability to be convicted of sin. Conversely, whenever the greatness of God increases, man’s awareness of his accountability to God increases and he departs from evil. Therefore the cure is to regain the fear of God.”

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