God’s waiting room

Are you frustrated with the lack of progress you are making, your church is making, etc? Maybe greater progress could be made by WAITING. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?! It is a paradox of the Scripture.

Jesus gave “orders to the Apostles” before He ascended. His orders: remain in Jerusalem until you are baptized with the Holy Spirit. In other words, they were commanded to WAIT. Most of us are eager to GO and really dislike having to WAIT. Notice that they were not to leave Jerusalem until the promise of the Holy Spirit was fulfilled. They obeyed and experienced Pentecost! They prayed for 10 days and Peter preached for maybe 1 hour and 3,000 people were saved! We preach for 10 days and maybe pray for 1 hour and see 3 people saved. Certainly we are commanded to “GO” in the Great Commission. However, I believe we often GO in our power instead of the power of the Holy Spirit. His power rests on us when we submit to Christ in prayerful obedience. That means we listen to His orders and we obey even when our nature resists.

Only eternity will reveal how many times God opened the window of heaven to pour out His blessings on us but we were not positioned to receive them. We moved when He told us to stay. Or we stayed when He ordered us to move! How does that apply to you? Begin with prayer. Before tackling a problem or throwing yourself into a situation, pray about it! Listen as you pray. As you pour over Scriptures, pray that He will illuminate your heart about the situation. He may tell you to WAIT. Then wait. If He tells you to GO, avoid procrastinating.

Think about this: How would you have felt if you had been one of the 120 who initially met in the Upper Room praying and waiting BUT you had something else “more important” to do and left! You missed Pentecost! Later that day you heard what happened after you left. Wow.

I wonder how many times I have missed out on a huge blessing of God because I had “more important” things to do! I often hear people say after church, “God really spoke to me today!” I wonder if He wants to speak to us during corporate worship but we have other things to do and violate his “order” (forsake not the assembling of yourselves together…” Hebrews 10:25) That’s why is it best to resist the natural bent and submit to our Lord’s directives.

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