Distress, terror, death, entrapped… What do you do when you feel this way? You cry out to God. Psalm 18 records how David felt and what he did. Even though he felt these things, David remained faithful to the Lord. He cried out in desperation to the Lord. If you are feeling trapped, terrified, and distressed, seek the Lord in prayer. Trust Him to deliver you. He will set your feet on sure footing as you honor Him. The Lord is your refuge.

As David fled from Saul, he kept his faith in Yahweh and remained faithful in his walk. Severe trials tend to force us to our knees. We become acutely aware of our dependence on the Lord. Too much of our fear and distress is based on our unrighteous choices or our unfounded trust. When you trust in the Lord and live for Him, you have nothing to fear. Nothing can touch your life without the permission of the Sovereign God who loves you.

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