Stop Judging

Should we follow the dietary laws of the Old Testament? Are we under obligation to worship only on Sunday? What should we do about having an activity on “Halloween” or celebrating “Christmas” with an inside tree with lights? Isn’t that tied to paganism? All these are genuine questions with which people grapple! Romans 14 helps us a ton with these issues.

Good, godly, committed, decent followers of Jesus differ widely in convictions about these issues. Romans 14 emphatically settles all these issues for us. The simple direction is clear – Stop judging one another. Leave all judgment to the Lord. You may have some very firm, serious convictions about certain things. Praise God. However, Romans 14 teaches us to avoid imposing or judging others for not having the same convictions. Certainly there are clear teachings from the Bible that we should follow to avoid compromise. However, too many issues are matters of personal conviction. Scriptures urge us to stop sharing our judgmental opinions with others.

One thought on “Stop Judging

  1. As you stated about the Great Commandment, “Love thy neighbor as yourself ” this would apply about judgement also . How can one love and still judge ? I have a niece who is a wicken and does no apologize for her believe ! Her Father and Mother have disowned her and her children. I have told her that we love her regardless but we do not judge her. We still communicate every week and I am able to send her scriptures . It is up to her to make.her decision as whether to accept the Lord or not. She is responsible to repent and accept Jesus. She does not want to talk about Jesus. I know she will suffer the consequences. But I want to keep the door open so she may change. Judge not less you be judged ——- Thank you. Brother Craig


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