The Struggle

Timeless truths about our struggle with sin. Romans 7 is an incredible chapter. But it is also one filled with intense debate. Paul records his struggle with sin. He doesn’t do the things he knows he needs to do and he does the things he shouldn’t do. The battle is real and powerful. The debate centers on when in Paul’s journey this battle takes place. Some believe it is before his salvation while others believe it is after his salvation.

The pre-salvation stance not only implies but clearly believes that there is no “sin nature” after one is saved. I do not believe that for several reasons. Paul talks in many places about how we are to cast off the grave clothes. He challenges believers to pursue righteousness. He instructed Timothy and Titus to discipline themselves for the sake of godliness. If the sin nature no longer existed in the believer, then we would not need to discipline ourselves because sin would no longer lure us. However, we know from the warnings of Scripture that sin is still a problem in the life of the believer.

Paul records this struggle to demonstrate that the only way to have victory over sin is to remember that Jesus has already defeated the POWER of sin over us. We now have the power to resist sin in Christ Jesus!! Walk in His power and victory.

The bottom line: our struggle is one of surrender – will we surrender to our Lord or our old task master?


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