Timeless truths about dominion. Why do we struggle with sin after being saved? Paul writes in Romans 6 that sin no longer has dominion over the believer. Before trusting in Christ, we were enslaved to sin. Our minds were darkened. We were powerless. However, Christ broke the chains of sin in our lives. Salvation begins a process called sanctification. That means we are constantly being refined. Our character is becoming more like Christ.

Does that mean that we will no longer sin? While we are released from the rulership of sin, we are still free to sin. But now we have the power of God in us that has broken the power of sin over us. We have the power to say no to sin. Actually, it is unnatural for a Christian to sin. We have a new Lord. We have a new nature. It is not only unnatural, it is no longer our focus. Our heart now longs to honor our Lord. We have a new love, Jesus. Sin has lost its power over us because Christ has set us free. Live today in that freedom.

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