Prayer Partners

Timeless truths about prayer partners. None of us, including him, expected that he would step into eternity so suddenly last Sunday morning. He told the ICU nurse that he knew what was about to happen and he was ready!

I got to know Lew, a man in his 80’s, two years ago during weekly, Tuesday noon prayer times at Wynnbrook. Lew was consistent. You learn a lot about someone when you listen to them pray. Almost weekly I heard Lew pray. He always prayed for others. He prayed for his Country that he served and loved. He prayed for his family. He prayed for the “perfect will of God.”

Listening to Lew pray was like listening in on a private conversation between two old friends. Lew always demonstrated tremendous reverence and honor as he spoke with the Lord.

I am going to miss Lew. One of my prayer partners! I wonder if God will rise up another prayer warrior to fill in the gap. Battles are won on our knees.

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