Thinking for a CHANGE

Timeless truths about thinking. I recently finished John Maxwell’s book, Thinking for a Change. I highly recommend the book! He challenges the reader to think unselfishly. He makes this statement: “If you want to become less selfish in your thinking, then you need to stop thinking about your wants and begin focusing on others’ needs.”

You are either a giver or a getter. You think first about what is best for you instead of what is best for others. You are either me oriented or others oriented. The difference is huge. People around you know rather quickly if you are an unselfish thinker. You think of how your decision will impact others before yourself. You think about what others need before your own needs. You think about how you can bless others instead of how they can bless you. It is really a fulfillment of the command in Philippians 2, “have this attitude which was also in Christ Jesus…”

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