Timeless truths about questions. Jesus asked A LOT of questions! 307 to be exact. Interestingly He answered only three. What does that teach us?  The Master Teacher used questions as a primary means of teaching. As parents, teachers, influencers, and friends, we need to learn the art of asking questions. What is the best kind of question?

Think about it with me. What causes you to think? “Yes & No” questions are called close-ended questions. Open-ended question allows for thought and freedom. Many people have never really articulated what they believe. A powerful question you may want to ask someone is this: Share with me what you believe about God. Do not feel obligated to “correct” them unless you are prompted by the Holy Spirit. The goal is to flush out what is in their heart.

Here’s another great learning opportunity – go through the Gospels and answer the questions that Jesus asked. In light of Irma, here are three questions Jesus asked: “Why are you anxious about clothes? Can any of you by worrying add a single moment to your lifespan? Why are you terrified?

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