Power & Authority

Timeless truth about being a follower of Jesus. We are called to be “Great Commission” Christians. What does that mean? Luke 9 records Jesus sending out the 12 disciples. The first thing Jesus did was give them power. The word “power” in verse 1 is the same word from which we derive dynamite. Jesus bestowed on His disciples power, explosive power. Earth shattering power. He gave them “power and authority.” It is one thing to be strong but another to be strong and in a position of authority. Jesus gave his disciples authority – His authority. But that power and authority was “over all demons and diseases.”

Our battle cannot be fought in our strength or in our name or on our terms. The battle is not ours in the first place. The sole source of our power is from Christ Jesus. He is the One who empowers us because He is the One who is the ultimate authority. Our battle is not against people who are evil and immoral. Our battle is against the spiritual forces of darkness who seek to steal, kill, and destroy.

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