Reflect when praying

Timeless truths about prayer. Jonah prayed from the depth of Sheol. He felt that he was trapped with good reason. There was no escape. He was powerless. Yet, he had one incredible weapon at his disposal – Prayer! Jonah could not escape from his prison, but he could pray. And his prayer was marked by desperation, submission, and reflection.

When you are in a trial and you feel totally powerless, remember to pray. Pray with total abandon. Pray with a spirit of desperation. Become stripped of all religious facades and pretense! Pour your heart out to God. But do so as you surrender to Him. God wants us to yield to Him and willingly trust and obey Him. When you surrender to Him, begin a time of reflection. Ask yourself some challenging questions. How did I get into this? Is this a pattern in my life? What is God trying to teach me? What could I have done differently? What can I do differently in the future? Who tried to warn me? What have I learned about myself in this challenging set of circumstances that I need to change? What is the first step I am going to take on that road to change?

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