Timeless truths about time. Two weeks ago I unpacked and had my grandmother’s clock repaired. Then I moved it to my office. It chimes on the hour. Today at 4:00, it chimed four times. It chimes once on the half hour. It ticks! Loud. It was somewhat annoying at first but now, a week later, I don’t hear it tick every second. But I do hear it chime. Every hour reminding me of the actual hour by the number of chimes and every half hour.

It occurred to me at some point how unaware of the movement of time I’ve been. Please don’t misunderstand, I am very much attentive to time. My phone gives me a reminder of upcoming appointments. However, I have not had a reminder every hour that a half hour has passed, until now. I haven’t been aware of how quickly an hour can go by, until now. For many months or even years, I’ve been aware that an hour goes by quickly but now I am reminded every hour that an hour goes by quickly.

Maybe the older generation with the constant clicking of the clock and chiming of every hour had a better grasp and appreciation of time. The Bible teaches us to make the best use of our time, Ephesians 5:16. Today, be aware that you are making a choice as to how to invest your time every moment of the day. Invest it well.

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