The challenge of change

Timeless truths about change. The Scripture teaches us that there is a season for everything. An encounter with Christ creates a transformed life. Walking with Christ, changes the way we think, feel, and act. So, why are we so resistant to change? I believe the answer is security. We feel safe with what we know. We feel threatened by the unknown. Change also taxes our thinking. Travel a new route to work and you will need to pay more attention. Change also challenges our pride. A new way of doing something is too often interpreted as a slam on the old way. But the entire Christian life is about change. It is difficult, challenging, and yet necessary in our growth. There is a paradox about change – while it makes us feel insecure, without it we will surely die. Those who do not experience the radical transformation of a new life in Christ will die an eternal death (meaning they will be separated from God forever). Those who do not change in business, will go out of business. People who do not grow (change) will die a slow death. The real security is in changing. But not changing for the sake of changing. But change that improves life, fosters love, deepens commitment, exalts Christ.

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