Pit Preparation

Timeless truths about preparing for the pit. You’ll be in a pit before long. Some people will call it different names. Some call it a valley, others a crucible, or a trial. It may be by your choice, the choice of others, or the consequences of the curse. But one thing about a pit, you can prepare for it.

When Jonah was in the worst kind of pit, he prayed. His “pit” was a very tight space, pitch black, extremely malodorous, and dangerous. While it was due to his choice, he had prepared well for it. I don’t mean he prepared well to be disobedient, but when he was obedient he prepared himself for times in the pit.

When you are in the pit, you pray. No doubt about it. The question is not DO you pray, but HOW do you pray! Jonah knew how to pray. Jonah 2 echos a number of the Psalms. Jonah had saturated his head with God’s word. When he was in the pit, his pit prayer became a scripture saturated supplication (try saying that five times really fast)

Prepare now for your pit prayer by saturating your mind with the Scripture. Your prayers will be powerful and biblical. They will actually change your heart!

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