God uses different vehicles

Timeless truths about dark valleys. Jonah did what we all do – he disobeyed God. When God told him what to do, Jonah didn’t FEEL like it, so he “ran” from God. Isn’t it interesting that Jonah justified his disobedience because of his strong emotional bias.

God loves us too much to allow us to stay in a place of disobedience, compromise, and rebellion. As our Heavenly Father, He will draw us back to Him in love. What does He use? In Jonah’s case, a “great fish.” One thing is certain, Jonah didn’t know where the fish was headed and he probably didn’t care. He wanted to get right with God!

God will use different “vehicles” to take us to a place of brokenness. Whatever He uses, the point is not the vehicle, it is the fact that His desire is for us to turn back to Him in brokenness. Will you turn back? The point isn’t the the destination of the “vehicle” but the destination of the heart of the occupant!!!!

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