Seeking direction

Timeless truths about God’s guidance. How does God guide you through life? When you have difficult, complex choices, how do you know what God wants you to do?

The absolute key is that you are walking intimately with Jesus. When you know someone very well, you will often sense what they want without asking. When you talk daily to Jesus and learn the discipline of silence (so that you can hear) you learn to discern His voice.

There are times when we struggle between our own desires and the direction of Christ. We can “super-impose” our voice over the supernatural voice of God. That is certainly a temptation. How do you know the difference? Begin with the Word of God. Search for timeless truths, principles that apply to your situation. If there aren’t any direct principles that apply, then pray. If after praying your mind is still murky, talk to some GODLY people who will tell you the truth. Then pray again. Wait until you know you have the heart of God on the matter. Too often we rush the process. We have a tendency to want an answer and we want it now! God does not operate on our schedule. Part of the entire goal is the struggle we encounter in the process. It is the process that grows our faith and our sensitivity to our Lord.

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