Sensationalism sells

Timeless truths about eclipses. Much was made about the eclipse. That is understandable. However, some made much of the “theological” implications of the eclipse. Here is the truth: We are so egocentric in America that we think prophecy revolves around what happens here! It doesn’t. Prophecy is centered on Israel. Certainly we see some world-wide events that lend themselves to be in the framework of prophecy. But I think American Christians have gotten caught up in sensationalism. We must be careful to stick to the Scriptures.

Another eclipse will take place in seven years. Some claimed that the most recent eclipse started the 7 year tribulation period. I remember in the 70’s a very respected “expert” said that Christ must return before 1980. After he was proven wrong, he continued to be on TV and sell tapes and books. Sensationalism sells!!!

I hope that we will focus on what is important – introducing those who do not know Jesus to Jesus.

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