Your identity in Christ

Timeless truths about identity. How you see yourself is vitally important. The first half of Ephesians talks about the believer’s identity. To be healthy, growing followers of Christ we must have a solid, biblical identity.

Who are you? You are a child of God. You are not only saved but your salvation is guaranteed by the Holy Spirit. See Ephesians 1. You are accepted, loved, treasured, and unique. You are a work in progress. God started a work in you and He is working with you to bring His work to completion. Your purpose is to bring glory to God by demonstrating your love for Jesus and others. You cannot be more loved by God or less loved by God. You are an ambassador for the King. You are a trophy of His grace. You are a royal priesthood, a part of a holy nation. You are a servant of the King. You are a member of the Body of Christ. You are gifted by God to serve in His Church. Your identity is not determined by what others say about you! Read His word and develop a solid, biblical understanding of who you are.

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