Blessings of obedience

Timeless truths about obedience. Jonah went in the opposite direction from God’s desire. Even when he turned toward Nineveh, his heart was not right. But there are many choice servants of God who obey the Lord with a heart of submission and love.

There are many blessings when you obey the Lord. First, when you obey because you love the Lord, your love for Him grows as you obey. It is amazing! You discover that He provides just at the moment of need. He fills you with His wisdom and grace.

Second, you encourage others through your obedience. Your attitude of surrender encourages others to obey. They see the joy in your life and the contentment that flows from an intimate walk with Christ Jesus.

Third, your obedience protects you from the lingering consequences of sin. When you obey, you not only protect yourself from sin and its scars but you provide a beautiful role model to others.

Fourth, God stores up rewards for those who obey Him. These are rewards that you cannot currently see but they will be ever present throughout eternity!

Throughout this day, keep your eyes and heart on Him.

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