Admonish one another

Timeless truths about admonishing one another. This is not a popular subject and one that isn’t in the book, How to win Friends and Influence people. Yet, we are commanded in Scripture to “admonish one another.” During a meeting with a group of men, I discovered that everyone had been admonished by another man. Here’s the next question I asked, Did your respect for that man increase or decrease? Every man acknowledged that his respect for the other man increased.

Correcting someone must be done out of a spirit of love for that individual. You also need to “earn the right” to admonish someone by demonstrating a concern for them. Healthy relationships are a fantastic basis for sharing a word of admonition. If you find it easy to admonish others, you probably don’t need to be doing it! There should be a level of discomfort in your heart when you correct a brother or sister in Christ. I like the expression, “make a point without making an enemy.”

Receiving a word of correction says more about you than the actual word of correction. It reveals if you have a heart of humility that is teachable. While it may sting at first, you will appreciate the concern and compassion a true friend had to admonish you. And your respect for them will increase.

Proverbs warns us about correcting a fool. Use discernment and be prayerful if you are thinking about admonishing them.


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