Timeless truths about the first day of school. During this time of the year many children and parents are experiencing a first. It is the first day of pre-K, the first day of Kindergarten, the first day of college. These releases are the beginning of the process that ultimately culminates with your releasing your “child” when they become an adult. Each release is challenging and emotionally charged. But, each release is preparing you for the next one.

God gives us children and then prepares us throughout their young lives for the time that we are to release them. Parents must learn to release control gradually as their child gets older. When someone is 14 years old, they require less supervision and instruction than when they are 4.

Parents are to teach their children age appropriate consequences as well as responsibilities. Parents must also learn that to build their world around their children is a tremendous mistake. Parents are to love their children by making decisions. Amazingly parents allow children to lead the family. That is a dangerous prospect.

There seems to be so many parenting extremes in our day. We need to pray for parents to be wise and godly.

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