Unchartered territory

Timeless truths about unchartered territory. Every single day of your life is unchartered territory. You may have the same routine every day, but you can only live one day at a time. Jonah’s life appeared totally routine. He was a prophet. He served God faithfully. That is until God called on him to do something that exposed the gunk in his heart – all unseen and undisturbed until God’s call. God’s greatest work in us is below the waterline.

We may be like Jonah. We are willing to obey as long as it doesn’t go against our emotional biases. Or maybe obedience will create assured “failure.” What are the ways of God? Based on His love for us, He will tamper with the areas of our hearts that are untouched. As with Jonah, He may challenge the very area that we are most comfortable! Jonah had absolutely no concern with his animosity toward the Assyrians. Jonah was uncomfortable with God’s love for them!

What is God working on below the waterline in your life?

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