Timeless truths from Brazil. I am on a mission trip to Brazil with my church. We have seen God work in wonderful ways. Here are some of my observations:

People in other countries have the same basic needs. Everyone longs for love and acceptance. All people want to be valued. We also need community.

Way too often we define the work of God through a very limited perspective – “our world.” God is doing something incredible in Brazil. The public schools welcome us to share with them. The people on the streets are very open to talk with you about Christ Jesus. On the flight down to Brazil I sat beside a Brazilian who is a college professor in America. She shared with me her perspective: Americans are not very open. A great conversationalist in her own right, she shared how difficult it has been for her to make friends in America. As she spoke, I thought about how we seem to think “our church is a very friendly church.” That is because we speak to one another. From our perspective we are friendly. But the litmus test is the perspective of a first time visitor.

I also learned that we have so much to be grateful for in the States. We are a 1st world country. But I am reminded that in the things that really matter, like a tender heart toward God, we are a 3rd world country. America is prime for revival. We certainly need revival. Revival always starts in the church with the remnant who humbly seeks God, confesses sin, and prays. However, He will operate on HIS timetable.

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