Timeless truths about trust.

You aren’t the first person to argue with God. Moses did that almost 3k years ago at the burning bush. While the exchange appeared innocent enough, Moses revealed one thing about his heart – at that time he didn’t know if he could trust God. Of course Moses became one of the most iconic followers of God in the Bible. But, his conversation at the burning bush seems to indicate that he wasn’t sure!

We do the same thing that Moses did. We argue with God about why we can’t obey Him because we simply have a hard time trusting Him. The challenges we have are not strictly isolated to the actual act of obedience. The greater challenge is often the consequences of our obedience. There are times when the consequences are potentially devastating. That is when we are to trust God. That is when it is hard to trust God if that trust isn’t already present. Even then, God will push us to a deeper level of trust and that means we will grapple again with the trust issue.

Really life is rather simple: Trust God by obeying Him and leaving the consequences in His hands. He may work things out much differently than you think. Regardless, His job is to take care of the consequences! Our job is to obey because we love and trust Him.

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