Timeless truths about identity.

Wouldn’t you love to have about ten minutes of face time with God? Moses did! Here is basically how the conversation went:
God – I have heard the prayers of my people and I am sending you as an answer.
Moses – Who am I?
God – You will lead my people out of bondage.
Moses – What if they won’t listen to me?
God – I am sending you.
Moses – Who are you?
God – I AM.
That is a real simplified version. You can read the actual conversation recorded in Exodus 3. Here’s the timeless truth we can take away from this exchange: Our focus on ourselves minimizes the greatness of God to ourselves! When you begin to focus on God’s greatness, it minimizes you.

Moses had to get over himself and his success or failure. He was concerned with how the people were going to respond to MOSES. He was concerned if MOSES would have all the answers. As time went by, Moses began to focus on the greatness of God. Then he became consumed with the greatness of God. Then he faced an impossible situation (the Red Sea and Pharaoh’s army) without flinching.

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