A life free of bitterness

Timeless truths from the life of Joseph.

Few people have experienced the betrayal, slander, and ignored treatment as Joseph. His life’s history takes up the last 14 chapters of Genesis. Joseph teaches us how to deal with betrayal, temptation, etc.

First, Joseph shared his dream/vision with his brothers (all older) and his dad. It was not a very smart move. We learn from Joseph that it is best not to unnecessarily incite others.

His dad treated him as a favorite. Another lesson for life – don’t show favoritism in your family. It breeds jealousy and resentment. Joseph’s brothers were going to murder him but instead decided to sell him into slavery. His own brothers! Imagine the bitterness and anger that would invoke in most our hearts. Remember, Joseph was a real man. But he was not dominated by anger and bitterness. Many years later when he could pay them back for their ungodly treatment, he did not. If he had brewed and stewed on it all those years, he would have quickly paid them back and enjoyed watching them suffer. He forgave! God used Joseph to save two nations. If he had been a bitter, angry man God would not have used him in such a wonderful way.

Tomorrow we’ll take up a few more lessons from his life. But now would be a good time to pause and ask some reflective questions. Have you been betrayed? If so, have you really forgiven those who mistreated you? Do you want to be used by God? If so, remember that your heart must be clean and clear!

2 thoughts on “A life free of bitterness

  1. Thanks bro. Craig for such wonderful devotions. I look forward to them each day. Frances (martin) brand


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