Timeless truths from the life of Jacob/Israel.

Genesis 1-11 cover creation through the Ark. 12-25 cover the life of Abraham. Basically 26-36 covers the life of Jacob and 37-50 Joseph. So, over half the first book of the Bible cover the family members of Abraham. It is Jacob who God renames “Israel.” That becomes the name of the nation set apart by God.

Jacob is an interesting man. He was a “momma’s boy.” His brother, Esau, was a “daddy’s boy.” Parents, surely we learn from this family the danger of playing favorites and pitting one family member over another.

Jacob, with his mom’s encouragement and assistance, deceived his dad into basically receiving the “blessing.” That was a big deal. Of course it was discovered and Jacob had to flee his home. HIs mom never saw him again the rest of her life. Isn’t it ironic that Rebekah thought her manipulation would help Jacob get ahead but ended up costing her his very presence!! A high cost to pay for deception and manipulation.

Parents, when you encourage your children to be deceitful to get “ahead”, you will pay as much and maybe even more than your children! Jacob paid a huge price. Rebekah thought her boy was going to be robbed so she took matters into her own hands by devising a plan to deceive her husband. God told Rebekah that Esau would serve Jacob before they were born. However, Rebekah knew that her husband was going to bless Esau. She “had to” prevent that! It is almost as though we can excuse our actions because if we don’t intervene, then God’s plans will be wrecked! Seriously? That is our justification.

God can take care of His own plans. Our job is not to deceive and manipulate in order to “help Him.” Our job is to be faithful to Him and leave the outcome of the matter to Him.

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