The Foundation

Timeless truths from building.

The Bible uses the analogy of building quite often. Jesus said that those who listen and act on His words are like a man who built his house on a rock. Paul talked about how the foundation is Jesus. We are “living stones” in the church. These are just a few examples.

Just like life, all buildings are dependent upon the foundation. The higher the building, the deeper the foundation. The building will only go as wide as the foundation. If the foundation crumbles, the building will crumble. So it is with life.

What is the absolute foundation of your life? Once you clear out everything, what is the foundation? Is it your family? Your money? Your intellect? Your happiness? Your children? Cultural Christianity regulates the person of Jesus as an “add on.” Maybe like turning a garage into a living room. But Jesus will have none of that!

Jesus is the foundation upon which everything else is built and held together. He is the reason every aspect of our lives make sense. There is nothing in our lives that He isn’t joined with or maybe it is better to say that He is joined to everything that is a part of our lives. Because He is the foundation, there is no storm that can move Him. Our lives may be tossed and turned upside down, but the foundation remains.

We must consider the depth of Christ (the foundation) in our lives. You see Jesus is only as deep in your life as you have joined Him in the work of your soul. Believers can be “tossed around by every wind of doctrine” and that also includes trials, unless we are firmly rooted in Him. Storms may simply show us the depth of our foundation. We must spend more time on the disciplines of the soul than that which is easily visible.

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