The nation of Israel

Timeless truths from the life of Abraham.

20 generations after Adam, God chose Abraham to father the nation of Israel. Why? Because the world needed someone to tell them about the One true God. It is more accurate to say that it was only 10 generations removed from Noah! It only took ten generations for the world to become so corrupt that mankind again lost all truth about God.

God chose a people who would separate themselves from the rest of the world in order to give birth to Messiah. The nation Israel also became the people who received and guarded God’s revelation. From Genesis 11 to the end of the Old Testament, the focus is on Israel.

Now God has set aside a new nation to represent Him to the world. But it is not a nation of this world but those surrendered to the Messiah, Jesus Christ. We are to declare the identity of the true God to this fallen world. We are entrusted with the Gospel and commissioned to share the Gospel.

May He work through you to declare the riches of His glory to all people.

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