Walking with God

Timeless truths from the life of Enoch.

Enoch was the first of two men in the Bible who did not experience death. Genesis 5 teaches us that Enoch walked with God “and he was not, for God took him” verse 24. Enoch was Methuselah’s dad. Two important things to note about Enoch. His son lived longer than any other person in human history, When Methuselah died, God judged the human race with a world-wide flood. Enoch was a prophet. The New Testament book of Jude tells us that Enoch prophecies against the “ungodly actions” and the ungodliness of people.

Enoch was faithful to God in a very challenging time. Few people followed after God. Humanity had become so corrupt, God decided to judge the entire world. Imagine the perversion. Too often we think that man has “evolved” into a better, more advanced state. We are just as corrupt as the people in Enoch’s day. He lived a godly life and so can we. Keep your eyes on the Lord! Walk with God.

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