The first heartbreak

Timeless truths from the life of Abel.

Abel was the second born son of Adam and Eve. He is the first person in creation to physically die foreshadowing the tremendous heartache of mankind because of the fall. Adam and Eve fully expected to die before their children. However, they experienced the incredible pain and sorrow of the death of a child.

Abel was the first person on earth murdered. Some parents have experienced the death of a child by murder. Unbelievable! The first parents had a threefold set of tragedies. Their son died; he was murdered; he was murdered by his brother! The first parents experienced the depth of pain few will ever experience in a lifetime. The Fall ushered in death.

What did Abel do to incite his brother? He offered an acceptable sacrifice to God! Abel was a righteous person. Why did he die? Because his brother was jealous of his right choices and humility. His brother murdered him even after being warned by the very voice of God to not allow evil to dominate his heart.

That really begs the question as to why God didn’t prevent Cain from killing righteous Abel. Surely God could have done that! No doubt. Maybe another question is where would God stop preventing people from making really poor choices? If God would have prevented Cain from killing Abel, then why not back up further and prevent Adam from eating the forbidden fruit? Why allow the serpent to deceive Eve?

No one wants to be a robot. Few want to be forced into a decision. The essence of love is choice. Most people do not want to force someone to love them. God desires a relationship with you that is not forced. Love does not coerce. Love chooses. God gives us the freedom to choose. At some point when sin is crouching at our door, we must decide to cast ourselves on God or on sin.

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