Timeless truths from the life of Adam.

Adam was the first man God created. He was a real individual. Paul talked about how sin entered the world through one man – Adam.. He lived 930 years and died. Adam is listed in numerous genealogies in the Bible. If he weren’t a real man, but a symbol as some say, then he wouldn’t be listed with other individuals in carefully kept genealogies. He was the only human to be created out of the dust of the ground by God. Eve was created from Adam’s rib.

God gave Adam boundaries and purpose. The world was perfect. That teaches us that even in a perfect world we need boundaries and purpose. God clearly told Adam the consequences of disobedience. Well, we all know how things unfolded. The fact is that Adam sinned. He violated the boundaries. Today we live with the consequences. Some will say it is unfair for all of us to pay for Adam’s sin. Yet, we are all sinners too.

Adam teaches us that we want the freedom of choice without the consequences. We want to be able to violate God’s boundaries and not suffer the repercussions. That just isn’t going to happen!

After Adam sinned, he needed a covering. He was ashamed and fearful because of sin. We also experience that. In His grace and mercy, God provided Adam and Eve a covering. Then He promised that one day the “seed of the woman” would crush the “serpent’s head.” God was talking about Himself becoming a human being through the “seed of the woman” and then crushing the power of satan. That’s exactly what Jesus did!

Genesis 2.

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