The escape artist!

Timeless truths from an escape artist.

He is an escape artist! Our German Shepherd, Rocky, has built in his DNA the desire to escape. He is 14 years old (way over 75 in dog years) and the other morning he saw the side gate open and he took advantage of the opportunity. You’d think he is too old for this foolishness! The good news is that he is home safe.

It only takes one opening in your life for the devil to enter your life and wreak havoc. Just one gate left open by carelessness. Or maybe it is a gate that someone else left open and you become vulnerable. You must guard your heart with all diligence for from it springs the issues of life, Proverbs 4:23. Satan will use your eye gate to trip you. Be like Job who made a covenant with his eyes that he would not look lustfully upon a young lady.

The deceiver will use an open ear gate to plant “morsels” of gossip to nourish your carnal nature. Guard your ears. You are not obligated to listen to ungodliness. You wouldn’t allow someone to put a spider in your ear so why would you allow them to put sewage into it?

The thief will seek to break through a closed gate. Take captive every thought. We must be careful and diligent to not allow false thoughts to rummage through our minds. Your mind can foster “Fake news.” Later your thoughts can be exposed as fake but your emotions have been colored by it as well as perspective.

By the way, just because you are way over 75, you can still be just as foolish and vulnerable as a 25 year old. Guard your heart!

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