Ignorance isn’t bliss!

Timeless truths from yard debris.

I didn’t know! We pruned some trees, shrub, and undergrowth in the back yard then piled it up in the front yard. We must have just missed the city yard debris truck. We called and they said they were running behind. I didn’t know. So, we waited.

Today one of my good neighbors sent me a note sharing with me the Columbus policy about yard debris pick up. I was in violation. I didn’t know! I was very sincere and worked hard to make the yard look better. I thought all I needed to do was put the limbs by the road. Nope! Needed to be on the road and cut into pieces no more than 4 feet long, etc…

Here’s the thing. The city of Columbus would not have picked up my yard debris based on my sincerity and erroneous belief it was ok. They didn’t ask me how sincere I was or what I believed!

So why is it we think that being sincere in your beliefs will get you into heaven. Ignorance is not an acceptable excuse. What if no one told me? What if no one cared enough to say something? If it makes no sense that I would expect my ignorance about complying with city policy to be sufficient for having it picked up, then it makes no sense to think that you will get to heaven by working hard, sincerely thinking you will get in. We must ALL comply to God’s policy. He said there is only one way. His name is Jesus!

Romans 10:14, John 14:6

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